***pre@nc@*** (favrito) wrote,

the woozy feeling of overcoming inertia

Everytime I get out of my comfortable zone, i feel this woozy feeling in my stomach. Incredible force needs to be applied to disturb my state of inertia. With force comes strain. Strain in the form of wooziness in the stomach.
Be it travelling, running, writing a computer adaptive test or waiting for any results to be announced. I wonder why only my stomach reacts. Even catching a flight makes my stomach crawl.
I am travelling to Chennai in a while. I don't want that woozy feeling. I am wondering if filling my stomach with mosranna would help or not. Last week, I had a race very early in the morning. I am inherently not fond of running and the only reason i do it is because it gets me out my comfort zone. it disturbs my state of inertia and i'm masochist enough to watch myself fight it.
Mind block happened off.

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