the woozy feeling of overcoming inertia

Everytime I get out of my comfortable zone, i feel this woozy feeling in my stomach. Incredible force needs to be applied to disturb my state of inertia. With force comes strain. Strain in the form of wooziness in the stomach.
Be it travelling, running, writing a computer adaptive test or waiting for any results to be announced. I wonder why only my stomach reacts. Even catching a flight makes my stomach crawl.
I am travelling to Chennai in a while. I don't want that woozy feeling. I am wondering if filling my stomach with mosranna would help or not. Last week, I had a race very early in the morning. I am inherently not fond of running and the only reason i do it is because it gets me out my comfort zone. it disturbs my state of inertia and i'm masochist enough to watch myself fight it.
Mind block happened off.

Too much spice in life, never too sweet.

A common household pre-marriage dialogue that I am absolutely aversed to is "madhve aagi hodmele, hudgiru, yaavatthu bere manevre". I always liked to believe this is not true. My world seems to be crumbling around me now that I see that line becoming a reality in life.
I began to analize what it is that changes after getting married and here are the results of my crude analysis..
You'd be lucky as hell to marry someone who shares your ideologies, but unfortunately opposites attract and usually end end up with someone who doesn't even watch the same TV shows as you, let alone loving your family the way you do!
If you and your spouse have very different ideologies about very basic things like mortals, immortals and their connect, it would be hard to get them to understand what ticks for you and what doesn't. When this fails, there is no rationale in expecting each to care for the others' feelings. Whenever there is an issue with your spouse and your family and either of them is rude to the other, you end up taking sides. More often than not, you'd simply take your spouse's side simply because you live with them and the last thing you want is spending your energy in stabilizing your life at home. This is irrespective of whether you think they are right or wrong.
This will obviously distance you from your family for two primary reasons; One is that you picked wrong and the other because you picked someone else over them. But, your family would never judge you or hold this against you. So are you wondering how this would distance you from them? Its because you are so guilty for having chosen someone who can't love what you love. Its because, you dont want to put them thru more of this. Its also because, even if you moved away from your family, they'd still be with you. Unlike in case of your spouse.
You noticed right, your family and your spouse become two different entities in your life once you get married.
I still remember that picture from my engagement where they all used to one single biggest entity of my life!

P.S Spice being plural of spouse.

Bimba-The fArt Hut

Every evening I pass by this old really old house that's been converted into a bright orange thing called "Bimba-The Art Hut". Its got a strong pseud national integration flavour to it with an old ajji in a traditional indian sari(there is a srilankan kind of sari as well, which i found out only recently)and this muslim chap hanging around always! As someone who appreciates most art forms, I was curious to go find out what this place has to offer. Surprisingly, I didnt get around to doing that for a very long time. (Coming to think of it right now, thank god!!)

Disclaimer : I am not an art critic, but just prefer things simply served on a platter and not complicate it with the pretext of modern art. do believe art is a form of expression of thought and not just ego! (ego is a characteristic that can be displayed too. I wouldn't really want to get into whats right/ wrong about art right now since I'd be digressing from my center point of frustration!!!!) And no, I dont believe in celebrating life, no! no, no!

Last evening, finally, while the husband and I (putting the donkey behind, while i slave around doing most of the cooking and cleaning) were randomly putting beat in NR colony, husband wanted to check out this Bimba place since i'd been talking about it a lot. Very hand mady nice crude looking setup it was. We were welcomed by that same old ajji. But, the only hiccup was that we'd to take off our footwear to go inside this store. (We figured out its a store since we read some boards saying kurtas & curtains available while we were taking off our fairly expensive walking shoes).

A part of us could already smell the fraud'ness' of the place and kept worrying about our shoes outside the store(Thankgod there was a compound to this place). We were really not paying much attention to the lady who showed us around. But then, we eventually figured out that it wasn't worth it. However, the concept of this place reminded me of this fabulous home decor store called 'paradise cafe' in Srilanka. Unfortunately, here, there was this guy in Bimba trying to explain what the place is all about and he miserably failed in estimating the works on display.

He spoke about retaining the natural textures of all materials they work with(great!!)& celebrating life(wtf???). All I asked him was about who their artists are and he went on this trip of how everything is so commercialized here and that they dont really provide a platform for people to flaunt their hobby but try to create an opportunity for people to make their livelihood. But, he also contradicted himself by saying most of the work is done by some lady in the backyard. (I dont mean to be judgemental but this lady he spoke about seemed like his wife/daughter who went to an expensive art school & the high prices on their stuff was to recover all she's spent on her fancy course). He went jabber jabber jabber on how people talk about going green while they mass manufacture. But, real essence of going green is in making exclusive one of pieces like him.

I liked their work, their concept, their initiative to create value but what i hated most about it was how he had to talk more than he had to show. Its out of the bag now. Going green has become the latest not so subtle commercial scam!!!

Enfields & Pigeons.

While I jerkily rode karthik's enfield, i thought i'd conquered the world. my world. I was still in a state of triumph while i got chased out of my own kitchen by a mommy pigeon. I howled louder than an enfield and ran into my room. That was enough to wash away all my pride in having learnt to ride a geared bike.
No, I am not scared of birds. I am scared of their flapping.
No one is aversed to babies by principle, but its when they cry & panic folks around for no reason, that they seem scary.

1st November - Part 2

Its been 3 years since he got up on stage in Bangalore. I wish i could've been there tonight to watch him.
I'm so proud of him!! :D
This time he'd be looking out for me unlike in Part-1.

The Lotus without a life

It was generally one of those days when I had made all the right moves. I got on to the right bus, I got off at the right stop, again I chose the right mode of transportation to get home. I think traveling in BMTC generally makes me feel very good. Ok yeah, I'm a cheapo.

All said and done, it's any day less tiring than sitting in an auto and straining your eyes looking at the meter. But of course, I always have this creepy thought in the back of my head while traveling in a BMTC... What if someone pokes a syringe into my bum and the next thing I know I have a poster on my back saying "welcome to the world of AIDS".

So I always wear my bag and sit so I cover my back. Which means I would prefer being the only person sitting on a 2-seater, since the leg space is quite less (which is something I observed only today).

I got off at the right time and then I was walking back home from 1st block thinking about government and society and ... And then I happened to notice that there was something different about the footpath in 1st block. Many trees had been planted along the footpath with a neat fence to make sure no animal eats them up. I was quite impressed by the corporator who had taken this initiative, whose name was there on one of the fences. But then I noticed something quite expected - all the fences had a BJP symbol and the one tree I happened to notice had no leaves or any life either.

No doubt it's a great initiative in times of global warming but it made me wonder if he wanted to save earth or his party.

Pretha yuga to Preethi yuga..the warpzone in between.

It was too early to let you know i was there way earlier than we'd decided to meet. I was there early simply because i'd gotten off from somewhere earlier than i'd expected to. I wasn't eager to see you as you already know. I feared reaching there late thou.
If i reached there late, then you'd have reacted in a way for me to put you under a type. some type. I didn't want to judge so soon. Atleast i tried. Quite honestly, i haven't really found a type to put you under yet.
You came as early as you could when i hinted on getting there early. I put on some gloss as i waited on a lane parallel to subammana angadi. I brushed my hair a lil bit. I ensured all my toes were well covered so as to not let you know i ain't girlie. I had no nail colour on.
It was a lil bit sunny, just the right kind.
It was 4:20 and I decided to do a gloss check again and walked towards rally point.
We had timed it quite well. We stood on opposite sides on the road and just glanced at each other for maybe a second or even less. A half smile. A more than full hug and the rest is history!

Cheers, honey!

The Glass Test

Don’t judge a restaurant by tasting the food or ambience or how quick the service is.

I suggest you perform the glass test.

First, have a sip of water. Carefully observe the imprints of your lips, even dry, for that matter on the rim of the glass.

Based on the resolution of the lip imprints, you know how good the restaurant is based on the following reasons:

They stress on hygiene.
They can afford to maintain their glasses so well either with some super cool cleaning policy or by replacing them on a regular basis.
They care about making the customer’s experience fulfilling to the littlest of details.
I forgot.

No matter how royal brass may seem, it takes lesser maintenance than glass.

So, you might want to ask, what if these guys have plastic, steel or clay, you’ve just entered an LS restaurant that is making huge margins at the cost of your health!

Corporate dog breeds.

Five kinds of women exist in offices and I will now describe them in the descending order of how nasty they can be:

I. The ones who say nasty stuff to people on their face without giving the slightest thought about how it will affect the other person. These people can't handle any comments or criticism about themselves mind you!
II. The ones who judge.
1) The ones who say nasty stuff behind people’s back without evaluating the gossip but after adding a lot of masala.
This can further be classified into 2 types:
a) Ones who say these things to general public (Other gossip mongers in the office). They don’t mind if this eventually reaches the victim.
b) Ones who discuss privately with a smaller circle of friends they trust so they can be assured this issue won’t go out of this little group.
2) There is a type which only discusses facts. This has a similar classification like the one above :
a)Open group.
b) Closed group.
III. The ones who don’t judge.
IV. The ones who just observe, think and keep their thoughts to themselves.
V. The ones who don’t care enough to either observe or think.
The ones in their own sweet world.

The Noway man!

He was one of those things that caught on to my eyes.
Kholapuri chapps.
Good denim jeans. Not black or green jeans mind you. Cuz there is no such thing as green black and orange jeans!!!
Black pullover.
Cigarette between his manly fingers.
Tasse (Mudre).
Black nama..madhava nama.
Holding the phone, just the way i like it.
I got reminded of this poem, The Highway man, i'd read some years ago.
Just when i was almost lost in my thoughts,
He sat on a pink scooty and rode away.
Like a Noway man!